Word on the Water: It’s No Longer Just About the Right Line

Fishing is a constantly evolving sport just like every other aspect of modern society. In the past few years especially, technology seems to be progressing at an ever-alarming rate. Whether it be the addition of the four stroke engine, power poles, advanced trolling motors and 3D chart mapping, the game of man verses fish can sometimes seem too much to take in. The price points alone are enough to keep the average fisherman from being able to possess such items. While many of us cannot control/afford the arms race that has shaped tournament competition today, there does exist key items and strategies that can improve the performance of any and all anglers regardless of financial standings: a quality rod and reel, a wide variety of soft plastics and hard baits, regular casting practice and putting in the hours on the water and from the bank alike. Mastering the basics is by far the most important step in becoming a proficient angler, and will help you to avoid mental fatigue that can be associated with “too much, too quick” burnout.

In previous blogs I have discussed money-saving tips to help fisherman from falling victim to the money drain of the hobby we love. Without remaining as frugal as a tournament angler can, there is no way I would have been able to fish the past six or seven years. Whether you are a broke college student or a professional in the real world with ever-increasing bills, financial struggle is enough to take even the most seasoned professional’s focus away from catching fish and into a downward spiral of negative thoughts and distractions. Whether you have had to cut funds elsewhere or decreased the number of events you fish in a given year, the sacrifices we make to achieve our ultimate goals, although painful in the moment, often turn out to be in our best interest.

One item of my game that I refuse to sacrifice is my line. For all the newcomers to bass fishing, visit “Fishing Line: Not Your Grandpa’s Mono” from August of 2014 for an in-depth description of the basic types of line on the market… Many of you can relate to the days of neglecting to lace a rod with memory-free, fresh off the spool line. During this time you may have noticed the downward progression in your casting distance, increased memory encouraging line twists followed by unsuspecting knots, and an increase in the always popular backlash. Geez, I’ll even go as far as to say many of you like myself have continued fishing after such dilemmas in order to save time on the water, just to realize the next day after making your first cast that the compromised line caused your line to snap in mid flight, rocketing your expensive bait into the great abyss of your favorite waterway; it comes with the learning process, not to mention makes for lasting comedic memories. The joys of this sport are that we get to learn from our mistakes and adapt new strategies. As with all things in life, when you lose the drive to improve  is when it may be time to back out.


The reality is, line twists and backlashes happen to everyone from time to time, including professionals of our sport. If you don’t believe me, tune into Bassmaster Live during the tournament day. So, what can a fisherman do to eliminate some of these issues while increasing your casting distance? For one, change your spool on a semi-regular basis. I am not financially privileged enough, or under the belief that this needs to be done before every outing, that is unless you do have a catastrophic birds nest or line issue that warrants it. Instead, you may find removing some of the outermost feet that would have come into contact with abrasive structure like wood, rock or many times simply dealing with a bad hang-up. Backing your line with braid is another great option to avoid spooling too much of your valued fluorocarbon, co-polymer or monofilament.

Regardless of whether you are adding fresh line or increasing the life of your current spool, take advantage of another one of the greatest evolutions in the sport, and this one is at a price point all anglers can enjoy! It is a product proven to increase casting distance without compromising your line in any way, and a product that will decrease backlashes, memory and line twists alike. The little spray bottle that has taken my casting performance to a new level this year is no other than Reelsnot! To brag a little further, this revolutionary product is eco-friendly, non-aerosol, non-flammable, odorless and especially helps in cold weather when your line begins to flow with the resistance of ice crystals around your guides. At $10 a bottle and only a few squirts needed, the compact bottle will fit anywhere and last the angler for the whole year. I carry one in my fishing bag for quick use on the water or at the end of my practice day, and one in my line box for use in the hotel room the night before competition. To use, make a full cast and apply one to two squirts to the line left on the spool. Reel in the cast, and apply to the filled spool. That’s it!

www.allenluckfishing.comMany secrets exist in the world of competitive fishing, but the only true way to continue the evolution of our sport is by pushing the boundaries of what we thought were the best techniques, strategies and products, and introducing these tips with the largest audience possible. Companies like Reelsnot continue to improve and push the boundaries of our mechanics, and demonstrate that it’s no longer just about the right line for the job. As a sport, we need to continue to find improvements that put technology into the hands of all anglers. Without affordable advances, how can we expect worldwide exposure to grow?

Thank you for taking the time to visit AllenLuckFishing.com! Without you, this website wouldn’t be possible. A huge shout out to Reelsnot for adding me to the Field Staff, and believing in my career as a tournament angler. As I take on the Potomac River this weekend in hopes of qualifying for the BFL Series Regional Championship, I feel blessed to represent such an innovative product. Win or lose, it has been a memorable season.

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