Take the Opportunity for Growth

Outcomes in life are rarely what we wish. Let me begin by saying this is not a depressing reality of the human experience, but instead an optimistic hope that anything is possible. Often, we set long-term goals and go in with all the marbles anticipating the perfect outcome, with little thought of failure. Once obstacles begin to stand in our way, often unaccounted, we tend to slowly decline in confidence, fears and negativity that almost always ends in less than desired results; However, sometimes, even when the ends are not as desired, we cross the finish line with an outcome we could have never dreamed. This is the reality of taking chances.

I am the first to admit that my blogging has fallen off as of late. My blogs have become less scheduled as a result of increased involvement in other aspects of life. With ICAST just two weeks ago, all my attention was set on accomplishing the tasks bestowed upon me. Now that ICAST is in the rearview, I look forward to returning back to normal releases. I could easily have sat around and pouted in the fact that my profession was getting in the way of my personal life, but for love or hate, a man’s got to pay the bills!

Today’s blog is all about long-term investments. Let me begin by looking back at a very big achievement from the past year. I attended my first ICAST event with next to no knowledgeofthe process of the world’s largest sportfishing industry trade show. Finding a company that trusts your expertise and listens to your opinions is something we should all strive for. My goal coming into my position was to begin making a positive impact on the conservation of recreational fishing. A longtime fan of podcasting, I understood the potential of increasing conservation awareness through streaming to the public. And so, I fought to bring Bass University into our advocacy efforts, including the educational company into ICAST 2017. It wasn’t an easy task, but it’s a relationship today I continue to see as an opportunity to voice the importance of conservation to the recreational fishing community.

At last year’s show, I was invited on Bass U. LIVE with the hopes of spreading the Keep America Fishing Pledge to Pitch It campaign. Nerves in full force, I faced my fears in the name of protecting our fishing rights. Although I began unsure of myself, I gave into the anxiety and finished the interview with increased confidence and big ideas for growing a new relationship.

Fast forward to ICAST 2018, with more poise and confidence, I executed the interview and have come out not only a better person for facing the same fears as a year ago and stepped up to the plate with another positive experience. After watching my interview, something any guest hates to do, I realized how far I have come in the past year. Sometimes all it takes is putting your journey into the right perspective.

Looking back, the results could have easily turned out differently. The human mind can often search for a way out of something as a coping mechanism with fear under pressure. It takes the understanding that overcoming challenges in life are what helps us to grow as individuals. Of course, I could have declined the interview opportunity, but in the end, I would have left the question open: “Where would I be had I not gone through with the interview?”

You see, creating excuses in life will only hinder your journey to success. Although the definition of success is different for each of us, little accomplishments can become big accomplishments through hard work and perseverance. Next time you are faced with a decision to commit to something or take a pass, take the opportunity for growth.

To check out the recent interview with The Bass University, Click Here KAF Interview

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