A Season Anew

Spring is the air and the bass biting, for some at least. The busy season is definitely upon us and although I have gotten to spend a little bit of time on the water, the going hasn’t been easy, tournament-wise at least. Working for the American Sportfishing Association has continued to be a blessing and I am so thankful for the opportunities I have been granted under the new role of Keep America Fishing’s (KAF) Digital Content Manager. Make sure to follow the adventures on both my personal pages, as well as KAF on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Lake Chickamauga Trip

 March 8-11 I traveled with tournament fishing partner to Lake Chickamauga, Tennessee for some fun fishing with partner Jim Jarvis and friend Jason Tolliver. Each day we experienced different conditions, forcing our crew to adapt and learn the body of water. Quantity was not the issue, as our four days consisted of 15, 30, 12 and 12 catch totals. Our go to patterns included shaky heads, drop shots, and crankbaits on points, rock walls, rip-rap banks and wood cover.

Despite battery issues that forced us to end days two through four short under windy condition, Jim Jarvis was able to pull in a Tennessee lunker weighing in at a whopping 8 pounds, 9 ounces. With trolling motor batteries on empty, we decided to fish one last cove. As we entered the area to relieve the vessel from heavy winds, we confronted a fellow bass boater that had no success in the area. Reaching the first visible cover, Jim casted his shaky head to the edge and before making a single shake of the rod tip, the fight was on! Grabbing the net, I took off to the front of the boat, just in time to see an open mouth large enough to swallow two fists breach the surface. Holding the net against the water, panic set in as the grown girl was too long to fit in the net, and took off again to the waters depths with great force. Luckily, Mr. Jarvis had set his drag just right on his Lew’s spinning reel, allowing the fish to tire without compromising the line. In what seemed like an adrenaline-pumping hour, the fish rose towards the surface. Face first, I netted the trophy and the mayhem ensued; the perfect exclamation point on and eventful Tennessee journey.

Jim’s 8-9 Giant!

VA Elite 70 on Lake Anna

Experience is key when fishing bodies of water, and unfortunately the lack of experience on this year’s first event of the season proved detrimental to our team. Despite numerous practices, we were unable to put together any pattern. As Jim reminded me frequently and simply, “I hate this lake.”

On tournament day, we scrambled the lake looking for keeper bass. Unable to find bites, I decided to take the finesse approach, changing up to the dropshot, a technique I will admit I have very little experience with. Although the bites were random, I was able to put my first drop shot fish in the boat, the largest fish of the day. After numerous lost fish, Jim capped off the day with one more squeaker, bringing our two fish limit to a meager 3.69 pounds, placing us 45th out of 70 teams. Taking the few points we earned, we hope to increase our standings in this weekend’s tournament on Lake Gaston. Wish us luck!

Stay tuned for my next blog detailing my first Bassmaster Classic experience. It was an unbelievable experience being able to advocate for KAF and work for Reelsnot, personal sponsor and the best line lubricant on the market!

A huge thanks to all the partners that keep the dream alive: Culprit Lure Co., Reelsnot Line Lubricant, Enigma Fishing Rods, Spooltek Lures, Cowan-Gates Law, and Fast Signs. Follow AllenLuckFishing on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook! Till next time, Fish On!       – Allen Luck

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